Hey everybody,

I wanted to update you on a few things that are important to my heart and brain and my cute, cute butt:

First of all, applications for the NYU Game Center MFA program’s 2nd year are now open. If you’re a cool person who loves games and wants to explore the potential of an extremely important craft and art form, you should apply. I’m having an amazing time and meeting really great people in this program.

Second, my dear, dear bro Ramiro and a few other amazing game designers have started a kickstarter for THE BEST MULTIPLAYER GAMES in a long time. Probably the best local multiplayer games since Smash: Melee there I said it. Please support it.

And third but far from least, other bro Adam Robezzoli is working with Daniel Rehn to start the LA Game Space, which is so exciting that it makes me want to cry? It looks so amazing. Holy Eff you guys.

  1. jenndlv said: SO MANY GOOD THINGS.
  2. final--boss said: um if your butt is really so cute then you would show it to us surely you mean to show it to us soon
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