New Portable Weekend Mix, at last!!

…your system is cast aside, left behind in the wake of goings-on and things-to-do. But you can’t leave it behind. Check in on your town, beat that unbeaten boss. That’s what we’re doing this week. Adam and I have been totally swamped, but we’re still going on these mixes! Unpause your true weekend lifestyle and get down with these picks from the past couple and beyond~

Portable picks to help you respawn:

☆ Desert Golfing (iOS) cause you think it’s gonna be over at some point, but you’re wrong.
☆ Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer (DS). All about a fresh start with a bigger inventory.
☆ Picross 3D (DS)… sometimes you’ve gotta take your time to make things right.

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The captain has to deal with all kinds of crazy rocks and stuff in order to find the crew. Be careful out there.

We’re still workin’ hard on this game of ours, you can follow us at and for more~~

Oh man, everybody. Making gifsets is really fun.

Via S U N B U R N !


Hey! It’s Dr. Kaho Shimura and her cat, Porkbun! You two gotta be more careful around those glass planets though~

Still chuggin’. for more ;)


Here’s a little SUNBURN! gameplay overview. All of this imagery is work in progress, of course~

Spent p much all day on this gifset and it was SASSY but it looks pretty good ;) thanks for the idea Rebecca!

Via S U N B U R N !


RICH KHIVO is the dudeliest member of the crew. He’s a lil’ rude but team members always stick together!! You can make sure Rich doesn’t die alone in S U N B U R N ! for iOS this year. And you can follow us on twitter if you’re interested in some lil’ updates and ramblings.

Haha! Yesterday I made this gif of one of our characters, Rich Khivo. He’s a lil’ bit of a jerk but that doesn’t mean he deserves to die alone.




I went to Brooklyn, New York to visit Nina Freeman, who is currently making a game called Cibele. It is an autobiographical game about Nina’s experience having sex for the first time with someone she met through an online game. The game uses real filmed sequences and sections of an MMO-like game to tell an emotionally difficult story, one of flirtation and betrayal. The art from the game, made by Rebekka Dunlap, is interspersed throughout the article. The header image of Nina was lovingly drawn by New York-based illustrator Elizabeth Simins.

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Here is an interview with one of my frequent collaborators and best friends Nina Freeman. She and Emmett (who I worked with on Heads Up! Hot Dogs) are working on a dope new game with even MORE friends. Haha! Holy! That game looks so beautiful and it’s gonna be great.





In which we envision Marcus Fenix using the bathroom.

Thoughts on NYU Game Center Incubator project Soft Body, by Zeke Virant.

My former classmate and current bro4lyf Zeke Virant is making a beautiful, mesmerizing, frantic game called Soft Body. He often asks me for help with visual design which i think is absurd because the game looks stunning. You might like it!!!


Meet Donoma and Tim Brody! You’d better find these two valuable crew members before something bad happe-


Dang. Times is tough up in space.


It’s a captain’s job to search the far reaches of space for their missing crew. Let’s take it one planet at a time.

Here’s a new gif for the SUNBURN! tumblr. Taking a break from crew introductions today to start to give a sense of gameplay.


SPC Otis Hooks manages all communications. He’s also pretty good at sitting in space. Just like, hangin’ around. Not much else to do anyway.

Haha, oh man. Check out Otis Hooks. He’s really into, like, helping people chat over wireless systems. Follow your bliss, lil’ man~

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