Glitch PokéZine up for pre-order! Ships late October!

Featuring 68 illustrations of 68 Glitch-type Pokémon by 68 awesome artists. 68 everything!

Hey! You can buy this zine! I have work in it. That’s so fun!!!


Meet Dr. Iasmin Nejem! And uh, I guess Bob Roberts makes a little guest appearance. Anyway, here are a few little updates:

We recently found out that Sunburn! is an Official Selection at this year’s Gamercamp in Toronto! We’re super excited to be going to Toronto, and we’re really honored to be listed among some of our favorite games, like Soft Body, Slash Dash, and Particle Mace.

We also had a really good time showing Sunburn! at the NYC Media Lab Annual Summit this past Friday. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, it was great meeting you!

If you’re a Kotaku reader, you may have seen a post about the NYU Game Center Incubator games last week. That was really cool to see.

We’re really close to being able to submit this game to the app store. Just gotta optimize for the new iOS devices and fix some little bugs. Can’t wait for you all to be able to play this game. See you around!

As of today, my friend Ashley Davis and I are reviving Box Vs. Box, our tumblr which compares video game box art across releases — be it regional, rereleases, or otherwise. This is such a fun project, and I’m really looking forward to posting again!


Pipe Mania VS. Pipe Dream VS. Pipe Dream VS. Pipe Dream VS. Pipe Dream VS. Pipe Dream VS. Tsunagete! Pipe Mani VS. Pipe Mania, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 2008, 2009

Hey! We’re back! Ashley and I both had a ton going on there for a while, and couldn’t keep up with our daily posting. The longer we run this blog, the more time it takes for us to find new stuff to post. But we’re back! I’ll be posting Mondays and Wednesdays and, after today, Ashley will be posting on Fridays. We’re super excited! See you around!!

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Hey! It’s Veronica Andrews and Stanley Smothers! …They’re pretty set in their ways.

This past Friday was our showcase for the NYU Game Center Incubator, where we were lucky enough to be able to keep working on this game for three months. People seemed to really like the game! Now we’re sneakin’ around and finding desk space wherever we can while we work on some final visual polish, tweak our learnin’ levels, and get some business stuff out of the way.

You can check out and @playsunburn if you wanna keep an eye on these lil’ cuties~ 

omg… I did some more lil’ talking animations for SUNBURN!… and omg i made a gif with ‘em

I made a trailer for our game!!! It was really fun to make!!! Check it out!!!


Check out our official trailer. This was almost entirely made of assets from the game, and it was so much fun to do. Thanks to Noah Lemen and Tate Gregor for making our awesome music and SFX. Killer.

Can’t wait to get this game into your hands. Okay! Back to work!


Via S U N B U R N !

New Portable Weekend Mix, at last!!

…your system is cast aside, left behind in the wake of goings-on and things-to-do. But you can’t leave it behind. Check in on your town, beat that unbeaten boss. That’s what we’re doing this week. Adam and I have been totally swamped, but we’re still going on these mixes! Unpause your true weekend lifestyle and get down with these picks from the past couple and beyond~

Portable picks to help you respawn:

☆ Desert Golfing (iOS) cause you think it’s gonna be over at some point, but you’re wrong.
☆ Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer (DS). All about a fresh start with a bigger inventory.
☆ Picross 3D (DS)… sometimes you’ve gotta take your time to make things right.

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The captain has to deal with all kinds of crazy rocks and stuff in order to find the crew. Be careful out there.

We’re still workin’ hard on this game of ours, you can follow us at and for more~~

Oh man, everybody. Making gifsets is really fun.

Via S U N B U R N !


Hey! It’s Dr. Kaho Shimura and her cat, Porkbun! You two gotta be more careful around those glass planets though~

Still chuggin’. for more ;)


Here’s a little SUNBURN! gameplay overview. All of this imagery is work in progress, of course~

Spent p much all day on this gifset and it was SASSY but it looks pretty good ;) thanks for the idea Rebecca!

Via S U N B U R N !


RICH KHIVO is the dudeliest member of the crew. He’s a lil’ rude but team members always stick together!! You can make sure Rich doesn’t die alone in S U N B U R N ! for iOS this year. And you can follow us on twitter if you’re interested in some lil’ updates and ramblings.

Haha! Yesterday I made this gif of one of our characters, Rich Khivo. He’s a lil’ bit of a jerk but that doesn’t mean he deserves to die alone.

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