rough pass at the title screen for my thesis. Needs a lot of work, but coming along well.

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Hmm, this is definitely the most I’ve ever showed of this….

Lil’ work in progress gif from my thesis. Click through to the other blog if you want to read my boring status update ;) ;) ;)


JUICEBOX♡ was a fun diversion, but a look at my scope and many months of making basically nothing caused me to reconsider my original idea — an aesthetically focused cooking game about experimentation and problem solving.

Now I’m putting some art in. Mmm, those sticky glow worms look so tasty~!

chuggin’ along on thesis… let’s have fun cooking together???

Also, I’ve been stupidly silent about my thesis game because I’ve been super slow with it, but here’s an old vine I took of JUICEBOX♡ giving Stiltner what’s for. JUICEBOX♡ is a lovable neighbor who loves cooking and his cat RICHARD✩!


Um. This is my submission for the Glitch Pokézine. It’s a zine which combines two of my favorite things: Pokémon and Glitches. I chose .g, a lil’ cutie born of an ill-traded slowking. I tried putting slowking’s shell-crown and collar on .g, but it looked tooooo goofable.

Anyway, the zine is going to be awesome. A bunch of my favorite artists are in there. I’m going to use LEER on every page????


This is the house of JUICEBOX♡. Please ignore the hair of RICHARD☆ the cat! You can go on a wonderful adventure with JUICEBOX♡ if you have the time.

I’m going to start updating this some more I hope! Maybe with a prototype build for you to play soon????? I don’t know!

Here’s a BG from my thesis prototype. I’m still figuring out what this project is really about. luckily I’ve got some great people helping me out. More soon!

Can you guess what JUICEBOX♡ has mounted above his bed?

You can ignore my last post if you want (or continue to follow that blog, because it’s going to be a great game), because I’ve switched out of my thesis group when I realized I just wanted more control and to be doing a lot of hard code, problem solving, and game design, and not just doing art assets. Now I’m making a game about tea that I’ve wanted to make for a long time. You can follow teashopgame.tumblr.com if you want to follow my thesis. IT”S GONNA MAYBE BE NOT BORING???


I spent the last couple of days prototyping in twine but feeling like it wasn’t answering any questions for me …

Hey! I haven’t been posting on here much, but over the next 8 or so months I’ll be posting to the dev blog for my thesis project with four of my classmates. We’d love followers for feedback and hopefully in the future to provide information about public playtests.



After a chat with the inimitable Frank Lantz today we decided to switch gears from a high level research view point to a nuts and bolts prototype of a more essential element of our game (namely, the competitive aspect).

Here are some rapid-output placeholder animations for use in our prototype.



Here’s the press release for my new art show!

Save Point is a pixel art exhibition collecting a variety of work from an international group of pixel artists and game developers. Pixel art has been the means by which many of us have explored fantastic worlds, fallen into sinister plots as well as met tragic ends and heroic triumphs. From 8-bit games to visual novels, pixel art has been the bridge between us and fun endless adventures. This exhibit aims to showcase this medium and capture a fragment of the anticipation of adventuring into the unknown.

Artists featured in the show include: Chelsea Saunders, Jake Lawrence, Takashi ‘Hermippe’ Komiyama, Joanna Krótka (her piece above!), Totto Renna, Eboy, Diego Garcia, Foster Wattles and more!

The show will be August 1st, First Thursday Art Walk, here in Portland, OR at Floating World Comics!

Hey this is tomorrow, i have a piece in it so come down and say hi to people other than me because i won’t be there. The curse of distance and all that. The line up is great and Sloane is a champ for putting it all together.

I’ll be there in spirit. 

Hey I’m in this tooooo go see it okay

"Inciting Incident" for Sloane Leong’s Save Point: A Pixel Art Show at Floating World Comics in Portland this August.

So excited to be a part of it! The theme was Adventure into the Unknown.

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